Healing and Massage Oil 

GV's quality massage oil is available for purchase
plus Mt Romance Healing Oils and Creams

Personalised gift certificates for treatment or monetary value make a wonderful present at any time of the year.

A range of personal and spiritual development books are available for sale.

Sonic Therapy CD's
Tomatis influenced sound therapies, brainwave entrainment through sonic stimulation, soundscapes, and accelerative learning Sonics. These CD's stimulate Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves to entrain new mind states in minutes. The same mind states you can normally access only after years of meditation training.

CD's are available for Relaxation, Healing, Learning, Mediation and Transformation.
Guided Visualisation Healing CD's
Theta wave
Healing and Meditation Soundscapes
Haven's Well - Delta wave £10
Accelerated Learning
Super-learning - Theta wave £10

Sample Healing Soundscape file ..... Click here to Download
And the instructions ..... Click here to Download

 Until we have an online shop  -  Please contact us for any purchase enquiries

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