Shamanism and Healing
Shamanic healing is part of the oldest healing system in the world. A Shamanic healing is a ceremony, which invokes and operates within a sacred place, the medicine Wheel. The healer journeys/travels in an altered state of consciousness to a landscape which is based on symbols, myth and metaphor. They travel into the client’s stream to map them and to see them as they truly are, looking at the whole person and balancing their body energies. The healer remains aware of there surrounds and comes back remembering both the journey and the process around the client/person. The main function of a Shamanic healing is the focus on the healing the spiritual, health and emotional life of the client. With the extraordinary demands of modern life, there is a sensed need for direction and purpose; a voice calling for a spirituality which is grounded in daily life and which connects us with the web of life. The journey of the soul in this life is a fragile one and we can be undoubtedly lost. Shamanic healing looks at your spiritual energies, emotions and health. It also allows people to grow spiritually and energetically and gives meaning and understanding into our lives. Shamanic healing does not need you to change your faith or beliefs, only change what needs to be change for a healthy lifestyle and have a better understanding of your self by releasing patterns that are no longer needed in your life.

About the Healing
I allow time for the client to discuss and work out what is needed in the way of healing. The client lies down in a relaxed way with no other concerns or responsibilities. After the healer returns to normal consciousness and explains what was seen and what was done for the client in aid of their healing and explains what gifts were given if any to assist the client in their every day lives.

The Client
It is up to each individual to take responsibility for the information given after the healing.

What do I need to do?
To prepare for your healing session give yourself plenty of time to arrive calm and receptive. Do not drink alcohol twenty-four hours beforehand or eat heavy/fatty foods, have plenty of water. Wear comfortable loose clothing. After the session give yourself time to relax and preferably some time being quiet by yourself so the effect will remain with you and also work more deeply on a spirit/energy level.

After the Healing
Every person is different and will feel differently after a healing session. Usually the client will feel deeply relaxed and centred. It will provide the client with the strength to understand themselves and spiritual path more clearly.

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