Astrological Counselling

Exploring your personality and providing new tools to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your life. It also gives a much larger context for working with your experiences, understanding your part in what your choices create for you, and putting this knowledge inside a greater framework of meaning.

Ancient Astrology was a means for helping man to reach his true potential; for bringing him to his peak by providing tools for self understanding. It begins with the understanding that the universe is a linked unity in which nothing is isolated, and we are each a nexus where the forces of the universe meet. At that nexus, we find our individuality as participants in every event.

We use the knowledge gained through Astrology to make changes to our lives, but only if we know how - rather like setting your sail to match the wind, instead of just being blown about by the wind. Without right knowledge, you are effectively blinded. Astrology uses our personal engram, our mental blueprint, or DNA, rather than questionnaires to provide knowledge of who we are, and where we are going.

Tarot Counselling

For insight and understanding into issues where you would like clarity and direction. A Tarot Reading is based around a deck of 78 cards (known as The Tarot). These cards are used to receive clear, intelligent, real life information to help you make sense of your life and your world.

A Tarot reading can prompt alternative solutions, or new life directions, but it always leaves you free to make your own choices. A reading should not be taken as "fated" but only as the most likely outcome if things stay as they are. The reading is primarily about choices and options, to which I add exercises or techniques that you can practice, to help bring about the result you want, rather than the result that may arise without intervention.

I use a Hermetic approach to a reading, which results in a focus on guidance for your life, and in how best to resolve challenges in your life, or how to adapt a situation for the greatest benefit. No judgements are made about what is right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate because, in the Hermetic approach, the direction and quality of the answers is moderated by the querent themselves.

Time is given for you to pose your own questions to extend or clarify any of the answers, and you can call back later more more information once you have had a chance to reflect on the reading.

Feedback from clients indicates that these readings are highly accurate, sensitive, and always appropriate.
Sarvam has over 20 years experience in Astrology and Tarot.

Emotional Freedom Technique 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): A successful needle-free version of acupuncture that often works where nothing else will. For many people, it can often cause a huge range of physical, emotional, and performance issues to fade away. 

The theory behind Emotional Freedom Technique is to correct meridian disturbances in order to neutralise excessive emotion.


It is believed that at the moment of experiencing shock or trauma,  the body entangles with the memory and  the emotions into knots in the energy meridians. Emotional Freedom Technique as a process untangles these knots. By the time we pass our teenage years, we generally have layer upon layer of these knots, which usually interact with each other as well, so persistence is required to untangle any given major grouping of knots that present as symptoms.


I have found Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazingly effective method for clearing emotional blocks, that hold you back from succeeding in your life, even when you don't realise they exist. The process is painless, but it does require a complete willingness to be open to change, and a preparedness to progress despite feeling challenged by generalised stresses or fears. In the past, very raw, confronting therapy methods like Primal Scream, Encounter, and Bio Energetics have provided the only relief from emotional blockages, but thankfully, EFT can now do the same work.


Peter holds a Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practice.

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