About Gyanveeto

Gyanveeto has spent many years studying Shamanic Healing, has completed several vision quests in the Central Desert and has completed a Transpersonal and Shamanic Practice course with Dr R Locke from IKON And has a Diploma of Shamanic Practice received from the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALING ARTS AND SCIENCES AUSTRALIA and is a member of [SOTEMS] SPIRIT OF THE EARTH MEDICINE SOCIETY.

She has also studied and practiced many different healings over thirty years and brings a wealth of experience in the field of person and spiritual development/growth which has given her a depth of experience which enables her to assist in healing peoples lives.

Gyanveeto believes people have the right to a healthy and positive life. Gyanveeto has always been very interested in healing people and believed there must be more to healing people than Traditional Medicine which only looks at the symptoms and not the complete person as a whole being which is comprised of spirit, emotions and feelings. During our life span we may have experiences, which can affect our spirit and emotional bodies. In some cases these experiences can take you out of your body for a short time or for others a long time, others may feel disconnected to their world around them. In these situations Shamanic Healing may be the answer.

Gyanveeto is also a member of [OBOD] Order of Bards Ovates and Druids U.K.

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